How The ROM Technologies Portable Connect ® Provides A Faster Recovery With Better Results

How The ROM Technologies Portable Connect ® Provides A Faster Recovery With Better Results


Patients no longer have to only rely on traveling to see their doctor to recover from surgery. Today, thanks to technology, patients can also add ROM Tech ® to their list of things that will help with recovery.

This technology helps to reduce the expense, pain, and time you use to recover from surgery. Thus, this enables patients to return to their normal routine quickly.

ROM Tech has a Portable Connect ® device that offers a rehab experience to help patients recover fast and with less pain. With this technology, patients do not have to visit the hospital for rehab; the gadget enables in-house rehabilitation.

ROM Technologies ™ combines physical therapy sessions their patients can use in the comfort of their homes. The gadget also comes with telemedicine features that make it easy for healthcare providers to monitor the condition of their patients from a distance.

Thus, this enables them to adjust the treatment according to the patient’s needs and progress. In addition, tele therapy allows the patients and their surgeons to review the treatment results.

Thus, they can adjust or make changes if need be. The caregivers can also access the real-time condition of their patients and use it to adjust the treatment. They can also discuss ways that the patients can work to improve results.

How’s The Portable Connect ® Capable Of Providing Faster Recovery?

After hip or knee surgery, most patients spend their recovery period at home. That’s because the healing process takes time, and the body has to rely on its capability to recover. While medicines can help with the treatment, you can also use technology to speed up recovery.

For instance, the use of the telemedicine Portable Connect ® can help to facilitate the recovery process.

The Portable Connect ® Can Be Customized

One of the reasons that Portable Connect ® helps speed up the recovery process is that surgeons can customize the treatment to meet the needs of the patients. Before starting the therapy, the doctor will assess the patient’s health condition, medical records, history, age, and physical capabilities.

This will help them determine the suitability of using the device. That means that every patient will get treatment depending on their condition. Additionally, they can adjust the treatment depending on how they respond to the treatment.

It Helps Reduce Pain

A common issue that most patients have during their rehabilitation treatment after orthopedic surgery is pain. Their pain happens because their muscles contract, making it uncomfortable for them to move during the surgery.

As a result, it takes them a long time to recover; some never recover. But that is not the case with the  Portable Connect ®. It works by putting your muscle to work each time you use the device.

You will not have to worry about muscle contraction with your muscles being active. Thus, this will help to make the recovery process less painful.

Reduce Medication Intake

After surgery, most patients rely on medication to move, go for therapy, and eliminate the pain they feel after therapy. Due to high drug intake, most patients end up addicted to the drug.

So, even after recovery, they still have to deal with the fact that they have a drug addiction problem. That is not the case when you use ROM Tech technology; the gadgets will help speed up the recovery process and reduce the pain you feel.

So you will not have o rely much on pain medication. That will limit your reliance on drugs or develop other poor habits after the surgery.

It Helps Patient To Be Positive

After knee or hip surgery, most patients have to take time to recover and limit their physical activity, which can be boring. You will likely feel down and stressed with nothing to look forward to.

This negative energy might affect your mental health and overall well-being. That might make the recovery process more lengthy than necessary. But that is not the case when you use PortableConnect.

With this gadget, you will give positive feedback on your recovery, which will help you stay motivated and positive. Knowing that you are making a full recovery will help you stay focused on the therapy, and that will help speed up the recovery process.

Reduce Trips to the Doctor

Part of orthopedic care is to visit the doctor after a few days or weeks of the therapy sessions. Though therapy is important, traveling to the health care facility can take a toll on your knee or hip, cause more complications, and increase the time you take to recover.

However, this is not something you have to deal with when using the  ROMTech ® technology. With this device, you can get the therapy needed to recover without leaving the comfort of your home. With less traveling, there is less possibility of straining your body, which will help speed up the recovery process.

Why it is Important to Recover Safely

If you live an active lifestyle, you might be tempted to push yourself after the surgery to get back to your life. But at times, this can strain your body and cause more complications. That is why it is prudent to recover safely. ROM Tech is designed to custom-make your recovery process so that you do not push yourself and cause more complications.

Other ways that can help you recover quickly and safely are:

  • Following the surgeon’s instructions
  • Ensure that you keep the follow-up appointments
  • Avoid touching the incision to prevent infection
  • When inspecting the incision, do so with clean hands
  • Eat and drink properly
  • In case of complications, visit your surgeon
  • Take pain medication
  • Do light exercise
  • Have ample rest


There is a time when you will have to get knee or hip surgery; it is normal to feel scared, wondering how the therapy will affect your well-being. However, you do not have to be stressed anymore.

Thanks to ROM Technologies ™, you can now speed up your recovery process in the comfort of your house. The patent offers you a customized rehab process at your home. That makes it easy for you to recover and return to your normal life quickly.