The Dos and Don’ts of Exercise After Breast Reduction Surgery

The Dos and Don’ts of Exercise After Breast Reduction Surgery


Everyone has different reasons why they would like to reduce their breast. One of the common advantages of breast reduction is that it helps to reduce back pain. It’s important to research before you start the surgery to know what you are expected to do to avoid complications. When undergoing any plastic surgery, always ensure you have a reputable doctor operating on you to avoid bad results. After the surgery, you need enough recovery time, which can often restrict you from doing major exercises. This article will explore the dos and don’ts of exercise after breast reduction surgery.

Do: Start with Small Stretches 

Before and after exercising, stretching can be very effective in helping you relax and keep the muscle limber. However, most stretches will be limited in the first weeks after surgery. Don’t try straining too much; do simple stretches that you are comfortable with. Vigorous stretches, such as overhead stretches, can damage the breast muscle and make surgery necessary. It’s crucial to note that a good stretch will help improve your blood flow and keep you stronger and healthier. Also, the stretches will prevent you from having weak and stiff muscles, especially during your last healing stages.

Don’ts: Lift Weights

If you were good at lifting weights before the breast reduction surgery, you must stop and take your time until you fully recover. This is because the lifting of the weights will strain your chest and can damage your breast tissue. This might get worse to the extent of undergoing another surgery. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor. When given a pass to lift the weight start with the smallest level possible before transitioning to more vigorous exercises.

Do: Ensure You Walk Everyday

After the surgery, you need to take some time and start your walks. Walks help improve your blood flow and helps your muscle strengthen and recover body tissues. You can start by walking around your block before increasing the distance.

Don’t: Jog 

If you are an athlete or love running and jogging, you need to wait. Jogging is a vigorous exercise that will strain your chest muscles and breasts, making it hard to recover. To return to jogging, you must ensure you are fully recovered and have permission to embark on such exercises. Most women might recover fast but get difficulties with running. Additionally, if you have suffered a complication during the surgery, such as excessive blood loss, you need time to rest until you recover fully.

Don’t: Drink Alcohol

After the surgery, it’s often tempting to return to your normal lifestyle, which includes taking the same drinks you used to take and food. You should prioritise your health and give yourself enough time to recover. Avoid taking alcohol for at least 48 hours after the surgery.

Do: Engage in Sex

You can have sex after the surgery. However, you need to be careful and only use positions that are comfortable for you. Avoid any position that will have much impact on your upper body until you have reached at least six weeks from the surgery.

Wrapping Up:

You can and can’t do the above after breast reduction surgery. If you have decided to get breast augmentation, consult your doctor and follow their recommendation to recover fast. Avoid any exercise that will strain your muscle too much, as it will affect your recovery.