The difference between PicoSure and PicoSure Pro Laser

The difference between PicoSure and PicoSure Pro Laser


PicoSure Laser is a painless, non-invasive treatment that uses sound waves to disrupt the growth cycle of skin cells. The picosecond technology used by PicoSure pro allows for the delivery of up to 20 joules (20 times the energy) within a fraction of a second. It’s also FDA-approved since 2016. PicoSure Laser uses nanosecond technology which means it delivers 1 joule per pulse at 1064 nm wavelength (1064 nm).

Let’s dive in and see some differences between the PicoSure and the PicoSure Pro.

PicoSure Pro Laser uses sound waves, rather than heat, for a more comfortable experience.

Sound waves break the ink into tiny particles that can be removed more effectively by your body’s natural processes.

The sound waves are delivered through a handpiece held against the skin, which can be operated by a laser operator or by yourself. They’re also very gentle on sensitive areas like your face, neck, and ears.

The PicoSure Pro features a sleek new design and the latest technology

The laser is five times brighter than its predecessor, so you’ll be able to see your tattoo more clearly. The built-in safety features make this unit safer to use as there are no more worries about eye protection or keeping your hands away from the beam!

The PicoSure Pro also has an automatic shutoff function that will turn off after five minutes of non-use. There’s no need to worry about turning it off when your attention is needed elsewhere.

PicoSure Laser is safe on all skin types.

The Picosure Pro Laser treatment uses proprietary technology that allows it to penetrate deeper into your skin to achieve better results than other lasers in its class—even those that boast higher power settings or larger beams (the latter being important when targeting larger areas such as knees).

PicoSure Pro Laser targets multiple types of tissue at once without being overloaded by an excess amount of energy—this means you’ll get more effective treatments per session without having any negative side effects from overdoing it! And if you’re worried if this product will work for your body type? We’ve got good news: This system has been designed specifically with everyone in mind; whether someone has darker skin tones like mine or lighter ones like my husband’s (or even somewhere in between!), we’ve got something right for them.”

PicoSure Pro has a pulse duration of 20 ns while the PicoSure Laser pulses of 750 ps.

The pulse duration for Picosure pro is 20 ns, which is well within the range of 10-100 ns. It can deliver more energy in a shorter period than a picosecond laser. Picosecond lasers are also more effective at removing unwanted skin pigmentation because they use higher intensities and longer pulses to reach an appropriate penetration depth.

There is 20 times the energy delivered by the PicoSure Laser within a fraction of a second. While a single joule of energy can be delivered by PicoSure Pro, it can deliver up to 20 joules (20 times the energy) within a fraction of a second.

Both lasers are FDA-approved, but PicoSure Laser has a better client satisfaction rate as compared to PicoSure Pro.

Both PicoSure Laser and PicoSure Pro are FDA-approved. However, the difference is that the PicoSure Laser uses picosecond technology, not nanosecond technology. This means that the wavelength used by this laser is 755 nm compared to 1064 nm in Picosure Pro.

PicoSure Laser has a better client satisfaction rate than PicoSure Pro because it does not require anesthesia or numbing cream before treatment.

It’s easy to see why clients love PicoSure Laser. This new technology and design make for a smoother experience for you and your clients while also being more comfortable. This could be the perfect option if you’re looking for an affordable treatment that can handle all skin types!

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