What Can I Expect When Having My Breast Implants Removed?

What Can I Expect When Having My Breast Implants Removed?


Breast implant removal is a cosmetic procedure whereby breast implants are removed from patients who have had breast augmentation. The cosmetic surgeon typically removes implants that have leaked, such as in the case of silicone breast implants. They also remove scar tissue as well, which usually forms following a breast implant.

The scar tissue that develops following an implant is usually mild. It typically does not require removal, although it can stiffen and cause discomfort and pain. The breast implants as well as scar tissue are frequently removed for this reason.

Breast implants are not permanent. Therefore, it is recommended that they be replaced or withdrawn at least every 10 years. This decision is usually made depending on the needs and wishes of the patient.

In some situations, the implant’s outer shell disintegrates, allowing silicone to seep out. This  causes scar tissue to stiffen around the implant. Therefore, it’s critical that your breast implants be taken out for this purpose. If you’ve never had a breast implant, but wish to have one, breast augmentation in Beverly Hills is also available as well.

Is Breast Implant Removal a Good Option for Me?

The removal of breast implants is a very personalized technique. It should be done if your breast implants have hardened, or if you are experiencing unbearable pain. Also, if an x-ray has revealed a capsule leak, or you are not happy with your implants, this procedure is the best option for you.

If you meet the following criteria, you are also a suitable candidate:

-You have the impression that your breasts are excessively large.

-You’ve felt a sense of unease or agony.

-You’re unhappy with the way your implants look.

-You do not smoke.

-You’ve set clear goals.

-You’re beginning to notice that the scar tissue on your breasts is becoming stiffer or firmer.

-Your implants have ruptured.

-You have maintained a healthy weight and are physically fit.

Take some time to learn about the procedure as well as recovery time. Also, view before and after photos, if you’re thinking about having the surgery. Patients can have more realistic expectations and recover quickly, if they prepare ahead of time.

What Should I Anticipate During the Consultation?

Be ready to talk about the following topics during your consultation:

-Prior operations

-Cigarette, alcohol, and drug usage

-Your goals and expectations

-Any allergies to medications, anesthesia, etc.

-Supplements and medications that you are currently taking.

-Current medical issues and treatments

In addition, your cosmetic surgeon will:

-Take photos

-Evaluate your breasts

-Discuss the expected results of the surgery, as well as any risks or difficulties that may arise.

Your breast implant removal procedure’s effectiveness and safety are highly dependent on your entire candor during your initial consultation. The cosmetic surgeon will ask you plenty of questions regarding your goals, lifestyle, and health. Also, make sure to ask the surgeon any questions you may have. It’s critical to comprehend every detail of your breast implant removal procedure.

Keep in mind that it’s normal to experience some nervousness. Don’t be afraid to express your emotions to your cosmetic surgeon.

Are There Any Risks That I Should Be Concerned About?

Many factors influence your decision to have breast implant surgery, such as your overall well-being, whether the implant has burst, and your personal preference. You must choose whether the advantages will meet your objectives and whether the risks and possible consequences of the procedure are acceptable.

Your cosmetic surgeon will go over the dangers of surgery in great detail. You’ll be asked to sign consent paperwork to confirm that you comprehend the operations you’ll be having and any risks or complications that may arise.

The following are some of the potential hazards of breast implant removal surgery:



-loss of skin


-continuous pain

-accumulation of fluid

These and other dangers will be thoroughly disclosed before you give your authorization.

Is It Possible to Have My Breast Implants Changed?

Breast implant revision in Beverly Hills is a popular procedure whereby new implants are substituted in place of the old ones. This type of surgery is not a typical or normal process, and it must be customized to the patient’s individual needs and aspirations. The cosmetic surgeon will devise a surgical strategy that directly addresses all of the problems during surgery.