What are the advantages of opting for dental veneers?

What are the advantages of opting for dental veneers?


The installation of dental veneers has been a real success since the 2000s. If more and more patients choose to invest in such an intervention, it is because they find many advantages. Here are 8 good reasons to choose dental veneers:

1. Structure of the tooth preserved

Unlike crowning or other procedures, dental veneers help maintain the original structure of the tooth. The veneer is simply placed on the enamel.

2. Enhanced aesthetic appearance

The primary objective of dental veneers is to improve the aesthetic appearance of patients’ smiles. Thus, a dental veneer can cover teeth yellowed by tobacco or coffee for example, it can hide a gray tooth, devitalized or even restore the general harmony of the mouth.

People who suffer from unsightly teeth can consult a dentist to see with him what are the possible solutions. The installation of dental veneers can completely change a smile. Self-confidence is improved, the patient gains self-esteem.

3. Immaculate whiteness

Patients who wish to achieve a bright smile can choose to have their veneers installed. Simple, quick and effective, this solution allows you to choose your shade and enjoy dazzling whiteness for several years, without damaging your teeth.

Dentists work with two main materials: ceramic and composite resin. Ceramic makes it possible to obtain a more natural whiteness for a longer period of time (5 to 10 years for ceramic against 5 years for composite resin).

4. Improved resistance

Whether for bruxism problems, shocks or resistance to hot and cold, dental veneers provide real resistance. They also make it possible to avoid the risk of the appearance of cavities and tasks of all kinds. Be careful, however, it is imperative to continue to brush your teeth effectively and to take care of your dental hygiene even when wearing veneers.

5. Does not devitalize the teeth

Unlike other heavier procedures, dental veneers do not require devitalization. It is therefore possible to keep teeth intact under the veneers.

6. Price

Choosing dental veneers is much more economical than investing in a crown or other cosmetic procedures. Thus, people wishing to improve one or more anterior teeth (front teeth) can benefit from advantageous prices. Since the posterior teeth are invisible when we smile, there is no need to place dental veneers on them.

7. Speed

The process from the first appointment with the specialist to the placement of veneers can be quite quick. It is therefore possible to achieve a radiant smile in just a few weeks.

8. Virtually painless

The procedure takes place under a light anesthesia, because the dentist has to remove part of the enamel from the tooth. The installation of the veneer is completely painless since it is simply a matter of sticking a ceramic or composite plate on the tooth being worked.

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