Seek Help From a Sober Coach and Discover The Gifts of Sobriety

Seek Help From a Sober Coach and Discover The Gifts of Sobriety


Recovery coaches work with people who want to recover from substance use disorders such as alcohol or drug addiction. They don’t just help any individual in need.

They focus on helping those pursuing sobriety thrive again by providing the guidance necessary for successful recovery. A recovery coach offers peer support to those in recovery.

When individuals are still exploring their recovery options, they might turn to a coach for help. These coaches have been found in recent years.

And they can guide you through the process of getting clean or sober from addiction-related problems like alcohol abuse/dependence and other behaviors that may be causing concern, such as helping someone develop healthier coping skills during times when life gets tough.

This article will delve into what sober coaches are and how they can help change your life. However, at the end of the day, it is your choice.

Let us Define What a Sober Coach Is

When people are looking for help and guidance, they can turn to a recovery coach. These coaches work with those who have experienced challenges in their lives. However, this isn’t just any person that needs assistance.

They provide treatment for those addicted to substances such as alcohol or drugs. There is a growing need for recovery coaches as people seek out those who can offer them support and guidance in their journey towards sobriety.

These are individuals who have already undergone addiction treatment or are still in the process of exploring their options. Those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction may also turn to an experienced recovery coach for help.

Discussing The Role of a Sober Coach

The support of a professional recovery coach can help you overcome your substance-related problems and achieve mental well-being.

They will offer you the help and support needed to keep your recovery going strong. You will be equipped with knowledge for a lifetime of sobriety.

Your Sober Coach Will Achieve this by:

  • Helping you to understand what right program is suited for your situation
  • Help you create a plan that can get your life back on track
  • Give resources to help you through your recovery
  • Linking you with peer recovery support groups
  • Helping you navigate the medical system
  • Instructing you how to be responsible for your actions
  • Supporting you create healthy behaviors and coping mechanisms
  • Assess your recovery progress objectively

People That Sober Coaches Help

With a background in addiction recovery, coaches can provide the right support for those struggling. They work with adults and teenagers alike who have substance use disorders such as alcohol or drugs.

Substance use disorders are a significant public health issue in the United States. They affect more than 19 million American adults aged 18 years old and over, with an even higher number affecting teenagers-over 4 out of 10 teens have tried alcohol or drugs at some point.

By the time they are 12 years old, 65% of teenagers will have misused alcohol, and 46 percent tried illicit drugs at least once.

Things To Expect From Sober Coaching

With sober coaching, you will be taught to cope with your emotions and triggers. They are not therapists or counselors, so they cannot help work through the source of those feelings to feel better on our terms.

They may provide you with information about the symptoms of alcohol use and addiction, but they cannot diagnose or treat any disorders that come along as a result.

When you work with a recovery coach, they will not judge or hold back your past. They will help guide the way by using a strengths-based approach to help you achieve your goals.

They know that every person has different needs, and they will work with you to find the right treatment plan.

Recovery coaches are more accessible than therapists because they don’t have an office and usually work on-demand. Their schedule tends to be flexible, which makes them helpful if you need help avoiding relapse while going through treatment.

The Benefits

The longer you stay in recovery, the higher chance that sobriety will stick. It’s essential to engage with your treatment and coaching services and not let yourself slip back into old habits.

When you go back into your community after living in a residential treatment center or sober living facility, it can be full of difficulties that may jeopardize recovery.

A good coach will help manage and work through these challenges while focusing on sobriety for the person recovering from addiction to alcohol/rehabilitative services.

The difference between a therapist and a recovery coach is like night and day.

A typical client will go through many phases in their journey, but the best thing about having a coach by your side to help you stay sober means that no matter what phase of sobriety or life loss you’re going through right now, there will always be someone who understands how hard these things are.

  • Get a Smoother Translation
  • Be Accountable of One’s Action
  • Be Connected With Resources
  • Make Your Family and Loved Ones Feel At Ease
  • Keeps You Occupied To Prevent Relapse

Seeking a Sober Coach That is Right For You

First of all, anyone can call themselves a recovery coach. A real one will be certified through an accredited organization and have professional qualifications in addiction or related fields like psychotherapy for those who need help with emotional issues.

You may find that one treatment option is better suited for your needs than another. It’s crucial to consider what kind of feelings you will have toward the person or type of therapist providing these services because it can make-or-break future sessions with them.

In seeking a good recovery coach, make sure you interview several before settling on one. They should be willing and able to help with any challenges that may arise during the process and have your best interest in mind.

Reach Out Today

When you are ready to take your recovery into an all-encompassing mode, it’s time to contact a sober coach. A good option that offers mental and emotional stability and guidance from a professional who has been there before will make sure things go smoothly.

We understand that you deserve better than to be stuck in an endless cycle of addiction and recovery. With our professional support, evidence-based care services for long-term success.

Contact Sober Companion Services today and discover compassionate treatment options that meet your individual needs. We have a wide range of services to help you get clean, so call now.