How much is going to be the pilonidal cyst surgery cost

How much is going to be the pilonidal cyst surgery cost


A pilonidal cyst is a kind of sac that is filled with the hair and the skin waste that is going to form positioned below the tailbone. Well, earlier the researchers said of them as the disease as a disease in the utero.

Now it is thought that it is caused by the accumulation of the hair from the soft tissue surrounding it. The skin is going to grow inward. This is going to form a foreign reaction in the body and the result will be a thick tissue.

They are going to be more common in men as compared to women. These are most importantly going to occur in men between their 20s to their 30s.

There is pilonidal cyst surgery that is the treatment for this condition. But how much does the pilonidal cyst surgery cost

Before that, we are going for more treatments. Most of the initial treatments are going to include warm compresses, sitz baths, and antibiotics. Well, if the infection is severe, then you might need surgery. 

Well, there are two main procedures that are going to be used for treating the pilonidal cyst. 

Incision and drainage:

Well, in this procedure, the doctor is going to make and then drain the cyst. 

Surgical cyst removal

This procedure, which is also called a cystectomy, is where a doctor is going to removes the whole cyst and all the tissues that are around it. 

Preparing for these procedures

Well, there is no preparation that is needed before the incision and the drainage procedure and it is safe to wear clothes that will allow your doctor in order to have easy access to the pilonidal cyst. 

Although it is very important to organize a ride for the surgery. This is because you cannot drive after receiving the medication as well as the general anesthesia. You can vacate the hospital premises or the surgical center on the same day when you’ve had your operation. 

It is important that you follow the doctor’s pre-surgical instructions that are going to minimize the risk of complications. The surgery doctor is going to tell you to stop the intake of the medications and the herbal supplements and stop smoking. 

They are going to provide you with certain suggestions on how soon before the procedure you will be able to eat and bathe. The doctors will typically give you the instructions to stop waiting 8 hours before the procedure as you will need general anesthesia. 

You need to bring the photo ID with you at the time of the surgery and add the insurance documents and all the other paperwork that you might need. 

What to expect from the pilonidal cyst surgery?

Well, if you are going with the incision and the drainage, then it is a simple procedure that can be performed at the doctor’s office by using local anesthesia. Well, the healthcare official first is going to provide you with the injection. This will be done in order to numb the area.

Then they are going to make a small incision in the cyst that is going to drain the pus. This is going to reduce the pain and the inflammation. You’re going to feel sore after the procedure so you must make sure that you have someone to drive you home after the procedure. 

Well, antibiotics will not be needed for this procedure. But if the infection has spread to the surrounding areas, then you will need them. 

Then there is the second option for extreme cases which is the pilonidal cyst surgery that is going to incur a pilonidal cyst surgery cost. In this procedure, there will be the surgical removal of the cyst as this procedure will be more complex as compared to the incision in the drainage and is more likely to be proven successful. 

The pilonidal cyst surgeries will be done under general anesthesia at the surgery center At most, the surgery is going to take at least 45 minutes to be completed. 

There are various kinds of pilonidal cyst surgeries. Let us see what they are:

Wide local excision:

When the part that is removed is going to go down to the tissue that is lying on the muscles. After that, the wound will then be packed with the medicinal package and then left to be healed from down to up.

Excision with the closure:

The sinus tracts and the cysts are going to be removed and the areas will be surgically closed. 


The procedure of excision is done and then the upper part of the cyst is removed. After that, the fiber-filled tissue will be stitched.. 

Excision with the complex closure:

The sinus tracts and the cysts will be detached. Then there is a technique of flap that is used to close the wound surgically. After that, the flap will be stitched up below the skin bridge. This is then formed between the part where the incision was done. This is going to help in rapid healing so that there are no other chances of occurring again.

Well, based on which surgery is chosen by the patient and the physician, the pilonidal cyst surgery cost is going to be determined. If you are suffering from such a condition, then you must get in touch with your physician and talk about your options.