Care Tips for Running Shoes

Care Tips for Running Shoes


When it comes to shoe care, running shoes can be notoriously difficult to really make last. The reason for this is that a pair of running shoes combines two factors that are not particularly conducive to longevity. The first is that they are designed to be light and are therefore not the toughest footwear out there. Second, they see more vigorous physical exertion than any other type of shoe. If you want to see an extra hundred miles out of your running shoes, then that is what you are up against.

But fear not, running shoes are constantly being refined and developed to satisfy the demands of a massive customer base. And this is a customer base that wants their running shoes to last longer. In light of this, lots of care tips have been built up over the years.

Dealing With the Smell

The vigorous physical activity that running shoes are subject to can certainly wear them down, but the other thing that it does is make them smell. You can think of it in terms of punishing exertion on the outside and a profusely sweating pair of feet on the inside. While many people accept that running shoes are supposed to smell bad, this can be less easy to accept when they are stinking out your home. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be accepted at all.

What is required – for running shoes perhaps more than any other kind of footwear – is a good shoe odor remover. ShoeFresh, a company offering just such a product, recommends that the best shoe deodorizer sprays will actually not have to be used terribly often. It’s all about finding a spray that keeps shoes smelling fresh for a long time on a single spray.

Running Shoe Care Tips

Nevertheless, regardless of how they smell, a pair of running shoes that have fallen apart after a few months are no use to anybody. Here follows the best tips if you would like to run some extra miles in your favorite pair of sports sneakers:

Store Them Right

One of the top reasons to keep your running shoes smelling fresh is that you actually need to store them away from heat or direct sunlight. In other words, you need to store them inside. It’s all to do with the midsole, which provides the cushioning and durability. Heat and sunlight dry, shrink, and harden this vital protective component of your sneakers.

Keep Other Shoes Clear

And more to the point, when you are storing your running shoes away from heat and sunlight, make sure that this doesn’t mean at the bottom of the pile in your wardrobe. Running shoes can actually degrade when not in use and under physical pressure, so give them space.

Dry Them Properly

This is a tip that will also help with the smell. Drying shoes properly and effectively will ensure that any moisture from use is effectively dealt with. Failing to do so will not only make them smellier, but it will also deform their shape and degrade the material. Try stuffing them with newspaper and remove the insole when they are not in use.


Don’t be lazy! Running shoes are particularly easy to just kick off without untying. However, every time you do this you put the heel cap under a lot of strain, degrading the support that it offers and, in short, making them fall apart quicker.

As you can see, none of these tips require any expense or even much effort on your part. Like so much shoe care, all that is required is a little diligence and consistency. That will make all the difference.