5 Period Essentials You Must Have at Home

5 Period Essentials You Must Have at Home


There aren’t many women who get excited about their time of the month because it brings forth cramps, mood swings, discomfort, and sometimes even stigmas around!

A few smart purchases can help ease the pain, be prepared to avoid discomfort or avoid leakages and improve your mood.

Here are 5-period essentials that you must consider keeping at home for making this experience a bit more tolerable!

Period Protection Kit:

Obviously, the first thing to always have in your house is period products. You can stock up the ones you’re most comfortable with. Cotton pads, cloth pads, drugstore sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, tampons, panty liners, period panties, you name it. Whatever makes you comfortable on your period, have them in your house, just in case your periods arrive unannounced.

You should also have tissues, wet wipes, and small pieces of newspaper (to dispose of period products) at all times. This is to make sure you maintain basic sanitation during that time of the month.

Heat Protection:

The second most important thing to always keep within your reach is heat! Yes! Most women across the world get cramps and stomach pain during their period. Menstrual cramps are caused by muscle spasms in the uterus, also known as the womb. It can press on adjacent blood vessels if it contracts too aggressively during your menstrual period. This temporarily deprives the uterus of oxygen. Your pain and cramping are caused by a lack of oxygen.

Applying heat to your lower abdomen can help relieve this pain to some extent. One way is to use hot water bags that are readily available. Be it electric or manual. You can find hot water bag online easily. You can check out its collection on Healthskool Pharmacy’s website, which is 100% quality assured and genuine, which gives it an edge over others in the market.

You can also use the DIY traditional method of applying heat, which is filling a water bottle with warm water and placing it on your abdomen. Nowadays, many companies have come up with heat patches, pain-relief rollers for hassle-free use. You can check them out too.

Comfort Food:

Do you have menstrual cramps? Eat dark chocolate if you like, as many doctors throughout the world advise. Chamomile tea relaxes not only your nerves but also your uterus.

It will lessen the severity of period cramps, as well as the anxiety and discomfort that comes with them, and it will make it easier for you to fall asleep. To guarantee that you can satisfy your cravings during these periods, stock up on foods like yogurt, your favorite fruits, and, of course, chocolates.

Also, make sure if you crave a certain thing repeatedly during periods, you either have ingredients to make it (or tell someone to) or the facility to order it.

A monthly subscription:

Generally, we forget to stock up our essentials on time, or sometimes it is inconvenient for us to do so. Thanks to new businesses today, there is an online monthly subscription facility for sanitary napkins and sometimes even full period essential kit by some companies. This can come very handy if you’re too busy or are just a forgetful person, as this would prevent you from landing in a tight spot.

A Nebulizer (if need be):

Asthma attacks are also thought to be more common throughout periods. So if you have breathing problems, bring a Nebulizer with you.

You can find yourself a nebulizer online on Healthskool Pharmacy’s website for purchase.

Using these products, when need is, can help women go through their period effortlessly (mostly). A range of products mentioned here can be purchased from Healthskool Pharmacy, an online store for medicines and utilities of this sort, which assures hassle-free deliveries, genuine and good quality products at affordable rates.