Wrist Wraps: What You Need To Know

Wrist Wraps: What You Need To Know


Wrist wraps are the gym/workout accessory used in weight lifting exercises or strength training. When you target a specific area to build muscles and increase your strength. In that case, you need some wrist wraps to perform exercises safely and efficiently.  Wrist is crucial to perform weight lifting exercises and one needs to prevent it from strain as well as stabilizing the weight. Where wrist wraps lifting is needed to strengthen your wrist, hands and fingers and you can focus on muscle building exercises without worrying about your wrist injury. It helps to make your goal successful.

In this article, we have included the basics about wrist wraps, its use and importance.

What are Wrist Wraps?

Wrist wraps are long strips made of fabrics or elastic material that are specifically designed to support your wrist while weight lifting exercises and other hard workouts. They are your helping accessories that make your job easier and prevent your wrist from strain or injury. They also help you in making balance as well as provide stability. You wear or wrap them around your wrists before starting weight lifting or strength training.

Wrist wraps are available in many lengths and materials, providing more rigid support or some are flexible and elastic.

Importance of Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are important in many ways. They work on the stability of the wrist during weight lifting and other difficult exercises. Here is some best use of wrist wraps:

1.Improve Stability

The most important use of wrist wraps is to improve stability of the wrist during heavy weight lifting. When you wrap it tightly around your wrists, they support the joint and prevent joint strain and injury.

2.Restore Strength

It not only supports wrist stability to support heavier weight lift but also reduces the risk of joint or wrist injury. When the risk of strain is reduced, you focus more on your performance and engage in muscle growth and development. Muscle group like

chest, back, legs and shoulders.

3.Avoid Strain

When you lift heavy weight as a part of exercise or muscles developing exercise, it puts stress on your wrist. Sometimes excess stress on the wrist causes injury and it affects joints, therefore, people who lift heavy weight wear wrist wraps to prevent strains, stress, injury by supporting and minimizing the risk of overexertion.

Use of Wrist Wraps

If you want to reduce the risk of injury of joints and maximizing the benefits from it, follow these steps to get it effectively:

1.Select the Appropriate Wrist Wraps

Consider buying a wrist wrap as per your need. If you want wraps for heavy weight lift, choose stiffer wraps that are appropriate for it whereas flexible wraps are good for moderate load and maintaining wrist mobility.


You begin placing the thumb loop over your thumb. Position the wrap across the palm and make sure to cover your wrist joints.

3. Technique for Wrap

Start wrapping fabric or elastic around your wrist. Use firm tension. Wrap it two or three times and tight it according to your preferences. Don’t wrap too tight or loose. Tight wrapping can restrict blood flow and lead to uneasiness.

4.Secure Your Wrap

Once you wrap it as per your choice, secure the wrap by using the Velcro or fastening mechanism given. Ensure that it is secured enough to avoid slipping but not too tight to lead to numbness or pain.


Wrist wraps are techniques to protect injury or strain from weight lifts or other harder exercises and give strength and stability to the wrist. So, you can engage properly on workout and achieve your muscles building goal.