What are the best ways to whiten your teeth?

What are the best ways to whiten your teeth?


A common practice that has become a trendsetter is teeth whitening. In the past where it was considered a service that only the wealthy could afford or a luxurious deal, today, with affordable and convenient options, teeth whitening has become a personal choice that anyone can enjoy. Teeth whitening offers a unique impact in different ways such as professionally, personally, and even in social life. Have you ever thought of having teeth whitening and stopped the idea because you were skeptical about the investment and the procedure involved in the treatment? You can be relaxed about the investment and affordability of the treatment. Regular dental checkups and dentist consultations at Clinique Dentaire Blanc offer good oral hygiene resulting in long long-lasting impact.

Let us look at the best ways to get teeth whitening

Teeth whitening toothpaste:

 Nowadays there are many toothpastes available in the market which can be bought over the counter. This whitening toothpaste gives instant results by removing the stains on the teeth. These are a slightly modified version of the regular toothpaste and they have few ingredients that induce whitening. They act as polishers as they include a minimum amount of chemical agents and special abrasives although they promote stain removal they do not harm the enamel of the teeth. Teeth whitening toothpaste does not have bleaching agents so you will experience a lighter shade of teeth.

Teeth whitening strips and gels: 

Today with the rocketing E-Commerce sector there are unlimited online products that one can easily get in an affordable range in terms of teeth whitening strips and gels. They are available in pharmaceutical stores as well. These gels and strips give even better and more noticeable results as compared to whitening toothpaste as they lighten the color within the tooth. The gels can be applied directly on the teeth surface twice a day or as directed by the dentist for 14 days and the results are visible white teeth that usually last for nearly 4 months. The teeth whitening strips act just as the gel. These strips have a peroxide-based whitening gel and they need to be applied on the teeth for 30 minutes twice a day. The results are similar to the whitening gels and even they last for nearly 4 months.

Teeth whitening rinse: 

The next affordable one is teeth-whitening rinse. Most people use mouthwashes, and teeth whitening rinse is similar to a mouthwash. It helps in refreshing the breath, helps in reducing dental plaque, and also treats gum diseases. Whitening rinse also includes ingredients like hydrogen peroxide. It improves the quality of teeth and brightens the teeth. The usage of whitening rinse is similar to a mouthwash where you can take the required quantity and swish it around the mouth for 60 seconds twice a day before brushing. Although it doesn’t have an effect like the toothpaste gel or strip it improves and promotes oral hygiene building a good oral routine. The reason mainly it doesn’t show amazing results faster is due to the duration it is used where a rinse is used for 60 seconds a day, a gel is used for 30 minutes a day; therefore the result is more obvious and seen for longer duration.

Tray-based whiteners: 

These are very prevalent nowadays and offer great results and also can be customized at the dentist’s office. If you visit the dentist’s office for teeth whitening treatment using a tray whitener you can get a scan of your mouth and the professional tray can be customized that fits your teeth perfectly. Tray-based whitening systems include hydrogen peroxide bleaching agents for great results. The patient gets an appliance like a mouth guard which is filled with whitening agents and it has to be worn for different duration based on the discoloration of the teeth. The bleaching agent acts on the teeth and shows results effectively. These tray-based whiteners have stronger chemical formulations and therefore it is advisable to consult a doctor or dentist so that it is customized based on the level of discoloration and avoid any irritants for patients with teeth or gum sensitivity.

Today there are amazing options under the guidance of qualified and experienced dentists who offer effective whitening methods for longer duration. To experience a fulfilling social life a confident smile is the key. It keeps you motivated and confident and discards negativity from your life.

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