Teeth Whitening Treatment – Home Remedies

Teeth Whitening Treatment – Home Remedies


If your teeth are getting yellow with age, there are several natural home methods for teeth whitening. Undoubtedly, there are numerous products available for teeth whitening or cavity treatment. Since those products contain multiple harmful chemicals to bleach your teeth, they damage not only your teeth but also your body’s health. We propose that you only utilize natural methods to whiten your teeth and improve your smile.

Thus, we have gathered the six simple, safe, and efficient home remedies for naturally whitening your teeth.

Oil Pulling

Dentists suggest oil pulling to reduce or remove dirt and bacteria that might cause plagued and yellowish teeth. This teeth whitening technique entails swishing the oil (Coconut, Sunflower, or Sesame Oil) about the mouth, which helps to whiten the teeth naturally. After brushing your teeth with hygienic toothpaste, wash your mouth for a minute or two with oil and spit it out. Oil pulling can be a good alternative for teeth whitening because it removes several types of bacteria from your mouth and prevents your teeth from discoloration.

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Lemon Juice

Some experts also recommend brushing or washing your teeth with lemon juice to whiten them. However, lemon juice includes citric acid, which can harm your teeth by creating calcium loss, causing your teeth to appear off-white. Once calcium is gone, you can never reproduce it. Combining lemon juice with baking soda, which is occasionally recommended, is likewise a bad idea. The lemon juice’s acid and baking soda will not only leach calcium from teeth but will also damage tooth enamel, eventually causing severe damage.

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Ginger is one of the best home treatments for teeth whitening. Ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities that enhance the health of your oral tissue. It serves as the foundation for white teeth and a healthy smile.

Anti-inflammatory attributes are increased by adding grounded ginger to savory dishes or drinking ginger tea. Since the ginger root is a medicinal plant, it is highly beneficial in preventing gum infections and providing short-term relief from toothaches.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleach that can assist in whitening yellowish teeth. Brushing with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for 1–2 minutes twice a day for a week can provide great results.

As hydrogen peroxide can increase tooth sensitivity, it is not advised for long-term use or for people who already have sensitive teeth.

Brushing with Baking Soda

Baking soda can carefully polish away minor spots on the teeth. Some people are concerned that baking soda is too harsh, but a 2017 study indicated that it is safe to use to remove stains. Baking soda may also assist in the battle against germs, implying that it can reduce plaque and prevent tooth decay.

The Banana Hack

Does banana peel help to whiten teeth? Yes, it does. The banana hack is a simple and inexpensive method for removing tar from your teeth. When the inside of a banana peel is rubbed on the teeth, they serve as an exfoliate and stain remover. All you have to do is:

Rub the banana peel on the outside surface of your teeth for 2-5 minutes.

Rinse it with water.

Do it every day for three weeks to get strong effects.

It is widely contested whether or not the banana peel has excellent outcomes, but because this is an inexpensive and straightforward procedure, that’s why it is worth trying at home.

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