Reasons why should one opt for COVID testing services at home

Reasons why should one opt for COVID testing services at home


With the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, times have become challenging for one and all. It has made people confined to their homes and the world as we know it, has changed significantly. To avoid physical contact, people are now advised to stay at their homes as much as possible as encountering an infected person could result in very harmful outcomes. Schools and offices were shut for a long time and people had to adapt themselves to the means of online classes and meetings. The new normal has changed the way of life.

How has the healthcare scenario in India changed post the pandemic?

When it comes to healthcare, taking services in person was the only way known before the pandemic. In the days when the world was not affected by this deadly virus, people used to go to the hospitals or clinics and get themselves checked. They used to travel by the means of suitable transport to the hospital or clinic or diagnosis lab. Ever since the pandemic began, people are choosing to stay at their homes as a means of reducing the chances of infection. Even so, there is an exponential growth of online healthcare services in the market wherein people download an application on their smartphones, describe their health condition, get themselves assigned a suitable doctor, and get examined.

In these changing times, healthcare diagnostics have also changed. When people want to get tested for a particular health issue, they now prefer to get their samples collected from home by the lab personnel. The same is applicable for COVID tests as well. People now prefer COVID test home collection rather than stepping out.

Reasons for opting for COVID testing services at home

To get tested for COVID, people are now preferring to get tested at home. The required samples of the patient are collected by the appointed person and a successful COVID test home collection is preserved to examine later. This method comes with a lot of attached benefits for the people. Some of them are listed below:

1.  Minimal Risk

Once someone opts for the ‘COVID test home collection’ method, they can have designated personnel collect their samples. This minimizes the risk of infection and the patient does not come in contact with any other infected person. The lab personnel come with all the safety precautions, so the chances of them getting infected are also less.

2.  Save time and money

If one goes for the ‘COVID test home collection’ method, then they do not have to step out of their homes to get tested at the lab physically. This helps them in saving their time and cost of traveling to the lab premises.

3.  Professional service

When people call for a COVID test home collection, they can be genuinely sure about their samples being safe and secure as the person who collects the samples is a medical professional.

4.  Comfort and ease of getting tested

On opting for the COVID test home collection method, one can easily get themselves checked for any possible symptoms by staying comfortably in their homes. This proves to be a hassle-free method for COVID testing.

5.  Results with similar accuracy

With the COVID test home collection method, one gets the testing done efficiently while the effectiveness of the test remains the same. People can get similar accurate results as compared to a lab test as the testing method remains the same.

With these benefits, one can be certain that the home collection tests for COVID such as SpiceHealth’s COVID Test are not only efficient but also provide great convenience to people. These tests are particularly useful in controlling the spread of the virus due to people coming in contact with an infected person.