Reasons to Avoid Smoking Weed

Reasons to Avoid Smoking Weed


For emphasis on the positive effects of quitting smoking on one’s health, here’s a person hacking up some pot smoke. Even though several states have legalised marijuana use for medical and even recreational reasons, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any hazards involved with smoking or ingesting it. The long-term effects of using marijuana might be disastrous. Although though it is still debatable whether or not marijuana is addictive in the same way as other drugs such alcohol, regular users are more likely to develop a usage issue. According to the NIH, those who suffer from marijuana use disorder also tend to have issues with other substances, have behavioural problems, and have impaired functioning (NIH).

Negative Repercussions

Scientists have shown a correlation between marijuana use and a host of serious health issues, including memory loss, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, and mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and psychosis. The thc detox pillsĀ can be useful there. Risk factors for marijuana use include when and how often it is used, how much THC it contains, and whether or not other drugs or alcohol are also used. Modern marijuana is far more powerful than its predecessors. In the 1990s, cannabis had around 4% THC; in 2018, that number has increased to over 15%, as reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The use of highly concentrated marijuana has been linked in several studies to an increased risk of psychosis.

Make the Best

Anybody, regardless of age, who regularly consumes marijuana stands the risk of developing deficits in cognitive abilities including attention, memory, decision-making, and learning. Former marijuana users who began using as adults but stopped using at some point may be able to restore cognitive function. Adolescent brains are still developing, and marijuana use may cause permanent damage. Many studies have shown that regular marijuana usage, beginning in adolescence, leads to a decrease of 8 points in IQ by the time a person reaches the age of 38. National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that even if an adult stops using marijuana, their cognitive capacities may be negatively impacted for the rest of their lives. A tolerance develops in the brain in response to repeated exposure to marijuana, necessitating ever-increasing doses to maintain the same effect.

Benefits to Not Using

There are several benefits to giving up marijuana. Some positive changes happen quickly, while others may take a little longer, even months. There are further benefits, such as improved social relationships, academic or professional success, economic stability, and health. Your inability to sleep may not go away overnight. Surely the thc detox pills are essential here. Many former marijuana users report persistent problems with falling asleep and staying asleep even after they’ve stopped taking the substance.