Living With Hyperhidrosis: 5 Self-Care Tips

Living With Hyperhidrosis: 5 Self-Care Tips


Perspiration is a normal occurrence in the human body. However, when the rate at which your body sweats is anomalous, then this is known as hyperhidrosis. This is caused by malfunctioning of the nerves responsible for relaying information to the thyroid gland that stimulates sweating. Other causes include; obesity, heart diseases, and anxiety.

It usually manifests itself in the bodily areas with concentrated pores. This is around the armpits, lower back, genitals, and face.

Since sweating is a thermoregulatory process, hyperhidrosis may significantly lower the body’s temperature. It also reduces the self-esteem of people suffering from the condition.

However, there are various self-care tips that can alleviate your condition and improve your daily life. Here are five of those tips.

Use Antiperspirant Deodorants and Body Sprays

The FDA reported that antiperspirants typically last for twenty-four hours before fading off. This helps reduce the rapid rate of sweating and is less invasive. It clogs up the pores around the sweaty areas and ensures that detoxification occurs in the less sweaty areas. It also kills a second bird with one stone; odor.

Consider using the best deodorant for sweat. Apply it right before turning in to bed.

Reshuffle your Wardrobe

The fabric for your clothes is important in palliating the condition. Cotton is the recommended fabric as it absorbs sweat. The clothes should mask the sweat patterns. This is achieved if the clothes have several layers. Wear loose attires and carry extra clothes like a coat with you.

This will help you cover the sweat in case it sips through the layers.

Plan for Medical Treatments

Hyperhidrosis may persist and call for invasive procedures. Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy is an effective procedure for treating hyperhidrosis. The nerves responsible for relaying the perspiration stimuli are cut. This procedure, as well as Botox injections, effectively reduces sweating.

These procedures should be performed by certified dermatologists and surgeons.

Plan your daily activities to reduce anxiety

There are a lot of hacks on how to stop armpit sweat, facial sweat, and genital sweat. These are mostly caused by anxiety. Once you plan your daily activities and engagements, your levels of anxiety will reduce and so will the rate of hyperhidrosis.

Avoid getting involved in tasks that have not been planned for. Once you have planned for your daily commitments, it will be easier to record the time of day you sweat the most. This will subsequently assist you in preparing for these times.

Mind your diet

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Hyperhidrosis may be induced by your diet. Avoid dishes with high sodium content. This will trigger detoxification through sweating. Alcohol and foods with high fiber contents should also be avoided.

Consider eating foods with high water content. This will help in diluting sodium in your bloodstream thus reducing sweating for detox reasons. Foods rich in calcium also come in handy to promote thermoregulation and prevent hyperhidrosis.

Pro-tip: always have a positive attitude and rich self-image. This will ease the process and encourage others who have the same condition. Regardless of what people may say, if you are determined and committed, you can stop sweat.