Is Breast Surgery Right for You?

Is Breast Surgery Right for You?


Having breast surgery or breast augmentation to increase the size of the breasts is a popular cosmetic procedure. Some women are unhappy with the size and shape of their natural breasts and will opt for surgery to help improve their image and, therefore, their self-confidence. Others will choose breast augmentation to improve the appearance of the breasts after a procedure such as a mastectomy.

Whatever the reason for considering breast augmentation, it is important that you discuss the pros and cons with those closest to you and with a fully credited plastic surgeon before making this decision.

What To Know About Breast Surgery

It is important to be aware that the cost of breast implants is rarely covered by medical insurance. This is because most breast augmentation surgeries are classed as cosmetic. If, however, the breast implant is required to rebuild the breast after a mastectomy, it should be covered under most healthcare plans. The people at have made diagnostic code lookup quick and easy, so when it comes to filling in an insurance claim form, you can find the relevant medical billing codes you will need.

There are some risks associated with breast augmentation surgeries including changes in sensation in the breast and nipple, breast pain, scar tissue, and implant rupture. The risks are higher for those who smoke or are classed as obese.

Around half of women who have breast implants will experience a change in nipple sensation, which might be painful. This often lasts for a few months before returning to normal once fully healed. For some women, the changes in sensation are permanent.

You should also be aware that if you do go ahead with breast implants, you are likely to require further surgery at a later date. This is because breast implants do not last forever. In most cases, they will need to be changed after around ten years. If you are paying for this procedure yourself, you should be aware that you may have to pay for a subsequent surgery further down the line.

Is Breast Surgery a Good Idea?

No one but you can decide if breast surgery is right for you. What you should do is have an in-depth discussion with your plastic surgeon before you make any decision, and they will explain all about what the procedure involves. Your surgeon will also give you advice on whether you might be a suitable candidate for such a treatment.

You will need to be healthy and free from illnesses before any surgical procedure takes place. Your surgeon might also prefer it if you are a non-smoker and of a healthy weight as this will minimize any risk of complications.

Your mental health is also something that should be considered. After all, this is a surgical procedure that will change your physical appearance; it is important that you are ready to deal with such a change. Your surgeon will want to make sure that you are considering this procedure for yourself and not because you are being encouraged to do so by someone else.

If you are fully aware and understand the risks associated with breast enlargement surgery and you are still keen to go ahead, your surgeon will discuss what you can expect from the result. It is essential that you do not have unrealistic expectations. After all, it will not completely change the way that you look.

Breast surgery is a common surgical procedure in the United States and is considered safe. You need to be at least 18 years old for saline implants and aged twenty-two for silicone.