Instruction Manual For The Smoke-Free Device IQOS Iluma Prime Users

Instruction Manual For The Smoke-Free Device IQOS Iluma Prime Users


The IQOS Iluma Prime is an example of a gadget that heats tobacco for consumption. The latest generation of the recognizable brand has included special TEREA sticks, an unrivaled design, and breakthrough tobacco heating technology that will introduce all smokers to new tobacco flavors that are distinctively their own.

IQOS Iluma, which is being promoted by Sticks Sale, has exceeded expectations by displaying induction heating of tobacco sticks to the world. This method of heating is distinct from heating using a chamber and heating using a blade or rod in the device on which the stick is placed.

In this short piece, let’s have a conversation about how to make use of this tool in a condensed fashion.

Functions And Configurations

Using the IQOS app, the device’s activation or deactivation may be controlled. Please make sure that you follow the steps to register by either signing in at or scanning a QR code. There is a good chance that you are unable to download the IQOS app because it is not available in your country.

Getting Started

  • Activate

After pressing and holding the button for four seconds, you should then let go of it. The status lights will gradually begin to illuminate.

  • Charge Holder

Place the holder inside your pocket charger so that it may be charged. After that, the holder’s battery life will be shown on the status light.

  • Put The Battery In The Pocket Charger.

Charge your gadget completely before using it for the first time by connecting the power adaptor and charging cable and letting it run for approximately 135 minutes.

How Should One Make Use Of The IqosIluma?

  • Open

Slide to open.

  • Place The SMARTCORE Stick In The Slot.

Now connect the SMARTCORE STICK to the power wire on the filter until the holder begins to vibrate and the light begins to flash. The heating process will begin either automatically or manually by pushing and holding the button for one full second.

  • Begin Use

When the holder starts to vibrate, you may begin using it, and the lights will not blink.

  • Very Close To Being Finished

The holder will vibrate, and the light(s) will flash white to signify that the final 30 seconds have passed, or that you have taken two puffs.

  • Remove SMARTCORE Stick

Take out the used SMARTCORE stick and dispose of it in line with the instructions for preventing accidents.

Hints And Tips

  • Check the state of the holder: When you tilt the holder in your direction or short push the button, the holder lights will display you the current battery level.
  • To check the state of the holder on your pocket charger, simply press the button on your pocket charger. It will cause the holder status light to get lit up.
  • To check the status of the pocket charger, simply press the button located on the pocket charger. The status LEDs on the pocket charger will come on when the battery life is becoming dangerously low.
  • The experience will finish automatically if the SMARTCORE stick is moved while it is being used or if it is removed from the holder while it is being used.
  • When the light flashes yellow, it indicates that the battery needs to be charged.
  • The white lights flash twice to indicate that your IQOS ILUMA is now working at temperatures that are too high.
  • If the light is flashing red, the pocket charger has to be reset. Please get in touch with customer service if the warning light continues to flash red.

To reset, insert the Holder into the pocket charger, press and hold the button for ten seconds, and then remove the Holder. To verify that a reset has been performed, all Status Lights will turn ON once they have been off.