Get Rid of Cloudy Pool and Hot Tub Water Fast with These 5 Natural Methods

Get Rid of Cloudy Pool and Hot Tub Water Fast with These 5 Natural Methods


Maintaining a clean, safe and healthy pool or hot tub is essential. However, most people experience cloudy pools and hot tub water at some point. Most people also find it frustrating to figure out how to fix it. Luckily, there are effective natural ways to clear up the water and return to your routine in no time. Here are the top five natural solutions to brighten your pool or hot tub water.

1. Using Enzymes

Enzyme concentrates can also act as natural clarifiers by breaking down organic matter that contributes to cloudiness. Enzymes break down other substances, such as pollen, urine, or dead skin cells that may be building up in your pool. They’re a gentle alternative to chlorine and help prevent swimmer’s ear. You can find them at natural pool and spa water treatment stores or online. However, remember to follow instructions for dosage on the package. The enzymes break organics, usually forming a layer on your pool water.

For example, enzyme pool concentrate breaks down the organics and converts them into carbon dioxide and water, which helps keep your pool clean and clear. Thus it makes it easier to clean and maintain your swimming pool. Also, when using enzymes, you don’t have to worry about inhaling chemicals while swimming in your swimming pool.

2. Using Natural Salts

Salt is cheap and easy to rid your water of its obscurity. Aromatherapy salt works just as well in hot tubs as in swimming pools. You must put enough salt into your pool or hot tub and follow the instructions. The amount of salt you need to eliminate cloudiness in your pool water depends on how badly affected your water is

Aromatherapy salts also enhance wellness and relaxation by releasing negative ions into your water. Negative ions help with feelings of stress and anxiety while improving circulation and boosting energy levels.

3. Dry Acid Treatment

The most common reason for cloudy water is an excess of natural mineral buildup that you can effectively remove using dry acid treatment. The good news is that these treatments are easy to use and reduce your chemical load. Contact a professional about having your pool or hot tub professionally treated with dry acid to get started.

Dry acid pool water treatment enhances proper pH balance by removing calcium deposits, which helps prevent future cloudiness. And it’s safe for you and your family—no need to worry about breathing in harmful fumes or exposing skin to harsh chemicals. A high pH encourages scale formation on the sides of your pool or tub when the water is hot. Dry acid will help lower your pH level, so you don’t have to deal with scaling issues.

4. Alkaline Treatments

An alkaline treatment can clear up your pool or hot tub quickly and naturally. An alkaline bath will also eliminate minerals, which can cause cloudy water. For example, if you have hard water (water with high mineral content), applying an alkaline treatment can help soften it.

Softer water requires less chlorine, so you’ll spend less time shocking your pool or hot tub. However, contacting a natural pool and spa water treatment professional is essential to help you determine whether alkaline treatments suit your situation.


Clearwater is a sign that your filtration system is functioning correctly and your sanitizer levels are where they should be. However, in most cases, your pool or hot tub is constantly receiving deposits of organics from you and your guests. The buildup can clog filters and reduce the efficiency of treatment chemicals over time. So if you’re looking for ways to get rid of cloudy pool or hot tub water naturally, you can contact a natural pool and spa treatment company to help restore clarity to your swimming area.