Everything you Need to Know About Nail Fungus

Everything you Need to Know About Nail Fungus


Nail fungus is a prevalent condition that starts as a yellow or white spot under the fingernail’s tip. This fungus might discolor your nail when the infection goes deeper, and it affects many nails. You might not need treatment if the condition is mild and in the initial stages, but kindly consider getting medical help if it is painful.

Nail fungus is also called onychomycosis, and its symptoms include;

Smelling foul

Distorted nails

Thickened nails

Whitish discoloration.

Nail fungus affects fingernails but is mainly popular in toenails. It is advisable to visit a doctor if the preventive steps do not restore the nail’s original look.

Below we discuss all you need to know about nail fungus and where to get a laser fungal nail treatment.


Certain fungi trigger fungal nail infections. The most popular fungi are called dermatophytes, while molds and yeast also cause nail infections. Fungal nail infections can happen at any stage, but it mainly attacks older adults. The nail becomes dry and brittle with age, and the cracks allow a fungi accumulation.

Other factors like low blood circulation in the feet and a weak immune system are huge contributors. Nail fungus can begin on the athlete’s foot and spread to other toes.

Risk Factors

Below are the common risk factors for nail fungus;

Heavy sweating

People with athlete’s foot history

Having a minor skin or a skin condition

Having diabetes

Having a weak immune system.


Nail fungus is painful and can cause severe damage to the nails. This condition can also cause other serious infections that go past your feet; suppose you have a weak immune system. Diabetic people have a low nerve supply and blood circulation in their feet.

Any minor foot injury can cause a more severe complication, and it will help to consult a doctor to get an anti fungal nail treatment.


The below habits will help you to prevent nail fungus;

Pick shoes made using a breathable material

Dispose of old shoes or treat them using disinfectants

Put on sweat-absorbing shoes and change socks frequently

Trim nails often and disinfect the clippers after use

Clean your hands and feet frequently.

The following tips will also enable you to prevent this condition;

Snip carefully- it will help to trim your nails carefully to stop this condition from spreading. However, it would help if you were careful when cutting to prevent unwanted damage. Also, avoid sharing the trimmers with others, and always clean them before use. The skin next to the nail base acts as an infection barrier, and you should not damage it.

Keep nails dry-fungus thrives best in a humid and wet environment, and you can sap the moisture by wearing gloves when cleaning. Also, pick breathable shoes and socks, and change them often, especially after working out. Avoid tight clothes that will make you sweat more.

Clean the nails well-do not neglect the nails when bathing. You can clean them by scrubbing them using water and soap.

Final Thoughts

Nail fungus is a common condition that affects older adults. This condition is painless in the initial stages but can become severe when ignored. The above article has discussed all you need to know about nail fungus, and more information is available online.