Do You Know How CBD Gets Metabolized in Our Body?

Do You Know How CBD Gets Metabolized in Our Body?


The metabolism of CBD will depend on the dose amount of CBD, bio availability, and the route of administration. As CBD will move through metabolic processes, it will be converted in your liver to a very wide range of metabolites, which will be excreted through your biliary system.

However, much more pharmacological studies will be needed to understand your different metabolites formed and also their clinical significance in your body.

All cannabinoids have got different effects, but they all tend to have almost similar interactions with our ECS. There are 4 main ways how CBD oil can affect or change our metabolism.

1. Mitochondrial function

Mitochondria convert fats, sugars, and proteins into energy that can sustain our bodies. Hence, mitochondrial imbalances will affect the manner we burn energy and make it difficult to lose weight. Thus, fixing all those imbalances will greatly enhance metabolic health and also kick back things into gear.

CBD can regulate various mitochondrial activities, can whip our ECS into a proper shape, which then will help us achieve the necessary metabolic balance called homeostasis. Keeping that in mind, whether CBD combined with necessary diet and exercise can possibly increase our rate of burning fat?

2. Fat browning

There are 2 types of fats present in our body:

  • Good fat (brown)
  • Bad fat (white).

White fat keeps us from starving and stores and supplies energy to our body, cushions our organs for any extreme scenarios. As a result, these white fats can mess with our metabolism. On the other hand, brown fat generates heat that burns calories.

A study was published where researchers found that CBD has got the capability to convert white fat into brown fat. Though further studies on humans are needed, however, this poses a great potential for CBD oil use alongside any weight loss program.

3. Insulin regulation

To keep our bodies safe, our liver removes toxins to convert excess sugars into insulin. Basically, these sugars come from everything we put in our bodies whether it is beer or fruit. From there, it will be passed on to our pancreas, which will then send it to the cells.

Due to irregular levels of insulin, it can overload our liver and pancreas and throws our body out of whack. Also, too much insulin in our bloodstream would mean we cannot burn fat. Consequently, we will have many difficulties in shedding pounds.

CBD can stabilize insulin levels, and kickstart the process of reducing weight.

4. Appetite suppression

Marijuana is an appetite stimulant. Therefore, some doctors often prescribe medical marijuana to patients of chemotherapy whose appetites are affected. Surely, anyone who has gotten the munchies will cosign that in his heartbeat.

It may be true that THC can make you hungry, but with CBD this may not be the case. An isolated CBD will never increase your hunger instead, it will reduce your food intake as seen in a 2012 study done on rats.

However, including CBD in your weight loss plan must be complemented by enough exercising and maintaining a healthy diet too.