Critical signs to consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Critical signs to consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy


BHRT stands for “bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.” Although you may have heard of it, you may be unsure what it is or whether it would be ideal for you. That makes sense because the world of hormones can be complex. But do not fret. We’re here to explain everything to you.

BHRT is a hormone therapy that uses organic hormones chemically equivalent to the hormones your body naturally produces. They can therefore help address hormone imbalances brought on by menopause, perimenopause, low testosterone, and other disorders by interacting more effectively with your body. Here are some reasons to consider bioidentical hormones.

Hot flushes

Hot flashes frequently happen at night and keep you from going to sleep or staying asleep. Always remember that obtaining enough sleep each night is essential for virtually every area of your health. You should also note that hot flashes aren’t merely a menopause symptom.

Andropause, sometimes known as “male menopause,” affects men frequently. When serum testosterone levels are significantly low, this disease develops. You may consider BHRT if you’re suffering from menopause symptoms.

Mood swings

Hormonal imbalances can cause mood swings even if you don’t have regular angry outbursts or severe depression. For instance, you might laugh on the phone with a friend when suddenly, five minutes later, you feel gloomy or frightened. It’s critical to check your serum hormone levels to determine whether a hormonal imbalance is causing your mood swings. BHRT may be more necessary for you than prescription drugs or therapy.

Frequently irritable

Being frequently agitated is one of the most apparent indications that you may benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement medication. You may become angrier in traffic than you used to. Perhaps you start a verbal fight with your partner because they never take out the garbage. It doesn’t matter what causes you to become agitated; hormonal imbalances may make you vulnerable to stimuli.

Unaccounted-for weight gain

If your hormones are out of balance, it could lead to several things that affect weight maintenance. For instance, you might lose muscle mass or have a slower fat metabolism. A decline in your total metabolism frequently coincides with a fall in the effectiveness of your fat metabolism. In other words, your body stops requiring as many calories as it once did for fuel, and it cannot burn off stored fat as quickly as it once could. Significant weight gain may result from the combination of these two variables.

Loss of interest in former hobbies

If you no longer like doing things you used to love, this is another indication that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may benefit you. This is one of the most typical symptoms of depression, and hormonal imbalances may contribute to it. You might have at least one hormone imbalance if you have trouble getting out of bed, brushing your hair, or performing any other task that you used to accomplish without difficulty.

A key takeaway

Some of these symptoms may indicate another condition, not necessarily hormone imbalance. Therefore an initial assessment with a hormone specialist is critical to determine whether bioidentical hormone therapy is the best solution for you.