ARC Pointe Group Expands Virtual Medical Assistant Vertical

ARC Pointe Group Expands Virtual Medical Assistant Vertical


During the past 4+ years ARC Pointe has developed a virtual assistant offering, focusing on the legal and medical professions. With the onset of the COVID pandemic the Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) market has grown exponentially.

“We were well positioned for the growth that occurred in this space as the pandemic approached” says Al Cuccinelli, CEO of ARC Pointe. “We found that we had access to a deep pool of resources who had the experience necessary to meet the needs of medical practices”.

Virtual medical assistant services are becoming more in-demand as various areas in the medical space realize their convenience and many benefits. VMA professionals have the knowledge and skill sets that you would expect from an office assistant working within your location. VMAs can take care of tasks that allow medical providers to focus more directly on patient care. With the assistance of VMAs, you can lighten the workload for professionals in your office without sacrificing efficiency, accuracy or HIPPA compliance.

We spoke to one of ARC Pointe’s clients, Pain Care Physicians CEO and Medical Director Dr. Andy Joshi: “I’ve had the opportunity to work with ARC Pointe for over two years. During this time, we’ve hired many virtual assistants for our medical practice. ARC Pointe has been a pleasure to work with and the team is very responsive to our needs. I highly recommend leveraging a virtual assistant, especially if the services needed are bilingual and mission critical. Our patients are happier and more informed, and our internal productivity has substantially increased.”Virtual medical assistants help to streamline practices by handling administrative duties, allowing existing personnel increased bandwidth for other mission-critical tasks. Providers like ARC Pointe are your fast and easy connection to professional virtual assistants who have experience handling a variety of administrative duties. VMAs adapt to your unique expectations and guidelines while applying skills that they have polished through education and experience. Virtual medical assistants are a critical factor in successfully increasing patient satisfaction, processing turn-around, appointment distribution and billing accuracy.

Some of the tasks that VMAs handle are:

  • New patient intake
  • Appointments
  • Procedure scheduling
  • Case management
  • Chart updates
  • Document processing
  • Imaging follow-up
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Bilingual reps
  • HIPPA compliant

Additionally, practices that avail themselves of Virtual Medical Assistants generally experience a savings in labor cost and see a much lower attrition.

ARC Pointe provides high quality solutions to clients in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Partnering with companies like ARC Pointe takes your business to the next level. As a value-added outsourcer, ARC Pointe places equal emphasis on value and cost.

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