5 Benefits of Opting for Thread Lifts

5 Benefits of Opting for Thread Lifts


Noticing glaring signs of aging that worsen with each passing day can be disheartening. For many, turning back time is a dearer wish than enjoying the present due to the visible effects that age brings with it. Thread lifts are a way to bring back youthful skin without needing a time-turner.

A number of aestheticians recommend thread lifting in Melbourne as a more affordable and less invasive alternative to a full facelift. While thread lifts are not as effective as surgical facelift, they offer visible outcomes while making you appear radiant and youthful.

In case you’re unsure of how the procedure can help, here are 5 benefits of opting for thread lifts:

It is absorbable and safe

Over the years, the threads used in thread lifting have been designed in a way that they are absorbed by the body. Dissolvable threads are completely absorbed between 6 and 12 months after a thread lift procedure and do not cause any reactions, being both safe and effective.

Gives the skin a youthful appearance

Research suggests that the PDO threads used in a thread lifting treatment stimulated the production of collagen. Considering how vital collagen is to ensure the elasticity of the skin and to keep it from wrinkling or gaining age lines, thread lifts can keep wrinkles and lines at bay while keeping the skin looking firm. rejuvenated, and youthful. Elastin and hyaluronic acid are also stimulated through the procedure along with collagen production.

Requires minimal recovery time

While every cosmetic procedure comes with its own share of after-effects, albeit temporary, the recovery time with a thread lift at the best clinic in Melbourne, Australia, is less than a week. Compared to other facelift options, thread lifts take very little time to recover. The minimal side-effects to the procedure are some initial swelling and redness which subside in a couple of days.

Is minimally invasive

A thread lift procedure involves no deep cutting. This greatly reduced the chances of scarring. The procedure involves using a needle to anchor dissolvable threads with the help of a cannula. With no incisions being made, the risks of infection are also reduced significantly.

Treats a number of areas

Thread lifts are not restricted to a single area. PDO threads are personalised for each area of the face, allowing one to give areas around the eyes, jaws, cheekbones, and cheeks a significant lift. These threads also vary in thickness, making some types of threads more ideal for certain areas. Your aesthetician can help you understand the procedure and explain the different options for the best outcome to your thread lift procedure in Melbourne.

A thread lift procedure in Melbourne is definitely worth the price you need to pay considering the many benefits it offers as against a full facelift. Since every individual need is different, you can better understand the thread lift Melbourne cost in your case by getting a consultation at a cosmetic clinic or enquiring about their quotes on their contact details.